Fielding Group Ltd. opened its doors in 1981 under the name of Gift-Pak.  The concept was to create gourmet gift baskets mostly for corporate clients.  Our business grew very quickly and within a few years, we were able to import products from Europe.

We soon discovered that it was difficult to find products printed with Canadian and US specifications; the idea of purchasing in bulk and developing our own packaging evolved out of sheer necessity.  This required us to become efficient at packaging in our own production facility.

 Over the years, we gained knowledge and expertise with gourmet foods, food gifts, packaging, product development and import/export.  By the mid 1990’s, creating gift baskets was replaced with gourmet food products that were sold into most levels of retail and food service in Canada and the USA.  With our shifting focus, we changed our corporate name to Fielding Group Ltd. in 1998.

 Our present portfolio includes our own brands as well as imported brands, private label and custom packaging.  The story of Fielding Group Ltd. over the last 33 years has been about evolving and adapting.  We are continuing our efforts at becoming more efficient and a “greener” company with a charitable and community-minded spirit.